Office Policy

Thank you for your patronage.  If at any time you have questions about Rolfing® structural integration, please call.  We are committed both to your health and well-being and to your satisfaction as a client of Rolfing® Associates of the Triad.

Payment is due at the time the service is rendered.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  Our returned check fee is $20.

Session length is approximately 50 minutes.  Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Appropriate dress for men during your Rolfing® session is either underwear or running shorts.  We have sanitized running shorts to loan you if needed.

Appropriate dress for women during your Rolfing® session is either underpants and bra or running shorts with a bra or tube top.  We have sanitized loaners available.

Our online booking system will give you a confirmation email immediately, an email reminder four days before your appointment and a text message reminder 24 hours before your session. We have found it impossible to run our office without an enforceable cancellation policy.  A copy of the cancellation policy is below.  This policy is as generous as we can make it. We enforce our Cancellation Policy and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.