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If you live in a body and use it, life will deliver a few dents and dings now and then. That’s why we’re here to help maintain your body with Rolfing ® structural integration. Your body is a complex system adapted to Earth’s downward pull. But when muscles, bones, and ligaments are displaced by injury or stress, gravity is your worst enemy. Pain, fatigue, and even mood disorders can result.

With Rolfing® structural integration, your body is ready for all the challenges of life. And gravity is your best friend


Life in Relationship to a Large Planet

“Aging is nothing but a symptom of your losing fight with gravity.” Dr. Ida P. Rolf

Having a body that can run or dance or work and play hard (or whatever you ask of it), is something most people want. In the aging process, gravity is compacting our structures and shortening our bodies. It doesn’t look or feel good when there’s no room for our bones and discs to peacefully exist in the soft connective tissue matrix of fascia and muscles. Having a body that is graceful, fluid and pain-free is the goal of Rolfing® structural integration.

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