Pain Relief

Rolfing® Relieves Pain!
Thousands of Rolfing® clients have found that relieving the stress of imbalances in the connective tissue network of the body also relieves most of their pain.

Many clients have found relief from the following conditions through Rolfing® structural integration:

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Pain
Pain between the shoulder blades
Tension in the neck and shoulders
Pain and stiffness of ageing
Shoulder Pain
Sacroiliac pain
Morton’s Neuroma
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pain left from old injuries
Elbow Pain
Pain Relief

Life in Relationship to a Large Planet

Rolfers™ make a lifelong study of the human body as a structural unit, with a focus on balancing it in its relationship with the earth and the earth’s gravitational field. Much of the pain you’re experiencing comes from old traumas. Let’s face it, it’s a big planet and when it’s your body versus the planet, the planet usually wins. Earth 1, you 0. That’s the way it is for a two-year-old tripping on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, by the time you’re 35 or 45 or 65 or older, the score is more like Earth 307, you 0. No wonder you hurt!

The pain is primarily in the connective tissue of your body (also known as your fascial network). Rolfers work with the fascia of the body to bring it back into alignment. In the process they also remediate many of the old injuries, both large and small, that generate much of the pain in a body. Traumas also arise from repetitive stress due to job-related or sports and performance activities. Even emotional traumas can leave tracks in the fascial network of the body. These, too, can be addressed in a Rolfing® structural integration series.