Wil’s Training

®A Partial Listing

Date Institute Instructor Title Hours
2016 Rolf® Institute Meg Mauer, Adam Mentzell, Michael Polon, Nicki Olsen, and Julian Ardoin Foundations of Rolfing® Structural Integration 218
2017 Rolf® Institute Lisa Fairman and Phoenix Deleon Embodiment of Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement® Integration 244
2017 Rolf® Institute Ray McCall and Paul Wirth Clinical Application of Rolfing® Theory 269
2018 Rolf® Institute Jan Sultan Salon on the Art of Rolfing® 24
2018 Functional Anatomy Seminars® Dr. Michael Chivers FR® Release: Upper Limb


2018 Rolf® Institute Michael Polon The Neurobiology of Rolfing / SI 24