About Wil

From a young age I’ve always been extremely active and participated in multiple sports. However, by the early age of 20, I soon began to notice I wasn’t moving as freely and easily as I once did and had developed a few aches and pains along the way. This was strange to me because after all I was still fairly young. Being the curious person I am, I began trying to learn why and how some of these issues arose. In a way, I began to use myself as a “science experiment” testing and trying new things, seeing if I found any improvement or relief. It was through this search that I first learned of Rolfing® Structural Integration.

During this same time, my father had undergone three major arm surgeries from a work related injury due to the physical nature of his job. He saw a PT for 3 months post-surgery and followed the rehab protocols as directed. However, the rehab process seemed to lack the ability to bring him back to his previous level of function. For example, he could not even reach his arm over to touch his opposite shoulder without assistance from the other arm. In my honest opinion, the definition of rehabilitation, to bring a person back to their previous level of function, had not been attained.

As I continued to learn more about how to improve human movement and performance, I decided to take on the task of finding someone who could possibly help my father as well. I soon discovered a Toronto structural integration practitioner through social media who showcased some really amazing results with some of his clients. I had never seen anything like this before.

I also was dealing with my own shoulder issues from a minor injury a few months earlier. So my Dad and I packed up and headed to Toronto. We were only able to stay for a short time. We each had a few sessions with this practitioner. Over the next few days my issues were noticeably better, but more importantly my father’s arm was completely different. He was able to move his arm around freely, with much more range of motion than before and the pain and discomfort was reduced significantly. To this day he still remarks how well his arm has done since then. I was amazed to say the least. It was recommended that we look for a Rolfing® structural integration practitioner in our local area.

I was fortunate enough to find a Rolfer™ close to me and made an appointment. I soon learned what Rolfing® was about. It was a completely new paradigm to consider and it immediately made sense to me. One key aspect I found interesting was that the root of some of my issues had developed over time from all the falls and numerous sports injuries as a kid and even a minor car accident I was in after high school, and how all that took effect on my body and how it organized itself to continue causing issues in my everyday life. I did the entire ten session series. Not only was I able to resolve many of my issues, but other areas I was not even aware of improved.

Sometime after the series I had a feeling that perhaps Rolfing® was an avenue I wanted to pursue as a career. A few months later I applied to The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration to attend the first phase of training. I immediately saw the possibilities Rolfing® had to offer me as a career path that would provide service to others and professional success. Rolfing® has had a significant impact not only in my life, but I’ve also witnessed the impact it can have on the lives of others as well. As Kathy says, “Rolfing® allows you the opportunity to provide something that people aren’t aware is available that makes a profound difference in their life”. For this reason, I’m excited and passionate about this work and look forward to continue sharing it with others.